Review: Alpro Cashew Milk Original [Gluten Free | Lactose Free | Vegan]

Cashews are one of my favourite nuts. The creaminess, the crunch…ugh they’re the best. My cupboard is always stocked up with the Alpro Unroasted and Unsweetened Almond Milk. When I saw that Alpro had started to produce a Cashew Milk I was eager to try it. What’s in it? Before pouring the Alpro Cashew Milk […]


First style post for 2018 woop woop! Whatever the weather I like to drop bright colours. I was so excited when I found the camouflage trousers on Missguided’s website. I don’t think I’d ever seen orange camouflage pants like this until then. I got the The Ragged Priest “TBH” t-shirt from Topshop just after summer […]

Chimichurri 2.0: Honest Burger Special

Another amazing special by Honest Burger. What’s in it? Beef, chorizo relish, red chimichurri, provolone cheese, malbec onions and shallot mayo The Chimichurri 2.0 is a collaboration between Honest Burgers and Up in My Grill. Flavoursome, textured just delicious! The different ingredients really complemented each other, I couldn’t get enough of the chimichurri. But still […]