3 Stripes & CAMO

Hey guys 🙂

So this is my first #rhestyle post 🙂

Adidas is one of my favourite brands, there’s something about those 3 stripes that gets me every time!

I bought the Adidas Turtleneck Sweatshirt and the Adidas skirt at the same time…they weren’t merchandised as a set but me being me I knew I would wear them as a co-ord (you’ll soon realise I’ve got a thing for co-ords!). The layering of the Adidas sports bra, mesh crop top and the modified American Apparel “Hammer” T-shirt paired with the Adidas skirt  happened in a rush before work.


  • Adidas Originals Turtleneck
  • Adidas Originals Skirt
  • Adidas Sports Bra
  • Reebok Classics
  • Midnight Blue Camouflage Bomber
  • Oh My Love Mesh Crop Top
  • American Apparel Hammer T-Shirt (self modified)

I am wearing my hair in a low puff on a old twistout….tbh I wasn’t really feeling my hair this day and tried to change it at the shoot lol. But my hair doesn’t really co-operate when it’s in need of a wash, so I had to just go with it- I’m happy with how it looks in the photos.

London is currently in a weird weather transition stage so I’m sure I’ll be layering some more before Spring really kicks in…

Rhea xo

Photos by: House of Heron



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