The Hammer Series

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I managed to snap up this cute tracksuit in my last few months working at American Apparel. I kept on iffing and butting about it, but once I had the idea to crop the hoody myself there was no second guessing.

Believe it or not this tracksuit would be found in the Mens/Unisex section of American Apparel. This tracksuit fits really well and is pretty flattering- I personally think it would’ve worked well being marketed towards female customers too. I decided to wear a pair of fishnet tights underneath to add some spice lol.

I LOVE American Apparel, the quality, the designs, the ethics…as you can imagine I was pretty upset to hear about the company closing down their stores in the UK. That being said I am grateful that I had the opportunity to work there before their departure from UK soil. My only regret is that I didn’t get this tracksuit in the other colours AND basically everything else on offer in the shop lol 🙂 BUT word on the street is that American Apparel will be relaunching their US online store very soon which is amazing to hear!

  • American Apparel Hammer Series Hoodie (self modified)
  • American Apparel Hammer Series Joggers
  • American Apparel Sofia Bralet
  • Urban Outfitters Fishnet Tights
  • Reebok Classics
  • ASOS “Geek” Glasses

I’m wearing my hair in two low buns. I usually wear my two buns “at the top of my head” but I wanted a change..this is a great protective style!

Rhea xo



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