Review: Faith In Nature Conditioner [Aloe Vera/Coconut]

I bought these conditioners from As Nature Intended in Spitalfields. At the time, there was a buy one get one free promotion on Faith In Nature Shampoos and Conditioners. These are priced at £5.50 per 400ml bottle, tbh I wouldn’t have bought two if it wasn’t for the promotion lol. I decided to get the conditioners as I am currently on a search to find an amazing silicone free detangling conditioner to replace Tresemme Naturals– I genuinely don’t see the hype about it since they changed the formula!

I had tried Faith In Nature conditioners YEARS ago prior to buying these, but I couldn’t remember if they worked well on my hair or not. I chose the Aloe Vera and the Coconut as these are ingredients that usually work well with my hair.

Faith In Nature Coconut Conditioner


I was more excited about using this one than I was about using the Aloe Vera due to the smaller ingredients list, I was intrigued to see if it would have enough slip for my tangle prone hair.

I started off with freshly rinsed hair that had been shampooed/deep conditioned prior. I RARELY follow the time instructed on the bottle since it can take 1.5- 2 hours to detangle my hair. I work in sections and rinse out the conditioner once ALL of my hair has been detangled.

The smell of this is incredible, and very coconutty. Other than the smell there were no other pros for this conditioner on MY HAIR (lol). It just didn’t have enough slip, and to help get the tangles out I eventually had to use one of my Dr Organic conditioners with it. This conditioner would probably work well on hair less dense than mine and less prone to tangles.

Faith In Nature Aloe Vera Conditioner


Well this was a pleasant suprise, I liked this one! Again I started with freshly shampooed/ deep conditioned hair prior, and didn’t follow the recommended “leave on for 5 minutes”. It had a good amount of slip to get through my tangles, and one bottle was JUST about enough for all of this hair. The fragrance was heavily dominated by the citrus ingredients- I didn’t really mind this and didn’t find it unpleasant.

Would I buy it again though? Maybe. I wish they would sell it in a larger bottle as I’d go through one bottle everytime I wash my hair- I’m not really here for spending £5.50 per week on a bottle of 400ml conditioner :-). But if I see it’s on offer again I will definitely stock up.

Have you ever used Faith In Nature Conditioners before, what did you think?

Rhea xo


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