Why I’ll never get a Brazilian Wax again…

After years of getting shoddy strip wax Bikini and Brazilian treatments where the therapist double dips,  I moved on to hot waxes.

I’d been getting a Brazilian hot wax for over a year. I’ve had my fair share of ingrown hairs and endured the soreness that follows after the treatment. At one point I was going to stop getting Brazilian waxes altogether but then I heard about Sugaring.

What is Sugaring?

Sugaring is a technique which has been used for hair removal since 1900 BC. It is a natural way to remove hair and typically consists of 3 ingredients- water, sugar and lemon.

Luckily for me the salon I got my Brazilian hot wax treatment started to offer Brazilian sugaring. There was a price difference of £4 but after researching the benefits of sugaring I decided to give it a go.

Benefits of Sugaring

  • Less painful than waxing
  • Natural ingredients
  • Gentle hair removal more suited to sensitive skin
  • Water soluble
  • Reduces risk of ingrown hairs
  • Results last longer than waxing

The therapist that did my Brazilian Sugaring treatment had previously hot waxed me before. She told me that although sugaring is less painful, I would find the sensation uncomfortable. I was shocked to see that she used a ball of the sugaring mixture to remove the hair. Yep she simply smoothed the ball onto the areas then pulled it back to remove the hair. The ball mixture the therapist used was cool in comparison to the hot wax, I was surprised that at that temperature she was still able to remove the hairs. That same ball of the sugaring mixture was used for the whole treatment.

Did it hurt?

I wouldn’t say it hurt but it stung a little. It was less painful than a Brazilian hot wax.

Afterwards she simply used water to remove any of the mixture that may have been left on my body.  Talk about natural! The aftercare was the same – avoid vigorous exercise or anything likely to make me sweat for 24-48 hours, and no hot showers.

After my Brazilian sugaring treatment my skin felt amazing. Smooth and hair free with absolutely no soreness. I was impressed. Usually after a Brazilian hot wax my skin feels raw. The therapist had told me that my hair would grow back softer, to be honest I wasn’t sure that would happen but it did! I continued with my typical exfoliating routine and less ingrown hairs appeared too.

I’m now onto my fourth Brazilian sugaring treatment and I’ll never get a hot wax down there again.

Get sugared…SERIOUSLY!

Honestly if you can find a therapist nearby that does sugaring, get a treatment and you will be amazed.

I’d recommend Luxury Wax Bar in Farringdon for both Sugaring and Hot Waxing  (they even play Sex and The City during your treatment). They’re quick, CLEAN and friendly. Oh and did I mention that they’re one of  Treatwell’s Top Rated Salons?

FYI this isn’t sponsored they’re honestly the best and I’m hard to impress lol.

Thank me later ☺️

 Rhea xo



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