Birthday Suit

It was my birthday at the end of October. It is imperative that I slay even more than I usually do for my birthday celebrations lol (who do I think I am?).

I honestly just wanted to look like I tried but I didn’t try if you know what I mean? A casual sexy slay. I had the idea of wearing a t shirt with a mini skirt, however I wanted the mini skirt to be more than just a typical mini skirt. I’d been eyeing the O-Mighty Xtina mini skirt for a while, I love how sexy the skirt is and the option to show more or less skin depending on how it’s laced. Luckily for me O-Mighty was offering a discount around the time of my birthday so having to pay for international shipping didn’t phase me.


The idea of the diamante choker came from an old Aaliyah photo I saw, I knew the addition of it would make the outfit more than just a t-shirt and a skirt. I threw on some thigh high boots to sass it up and a vinyl red bag to match my red glossy lip.

  • Calvin Klein True Icon T-Shirt
  • O-Mighty X Tina Skirt
  • Missguided Diamante Choker
  • Public Desire Thigh High Boots
  • Monki Vinyl Chain Bag

I wanted to have my hair in braids for my birthday but my sister didn’t have time to do it and I couldn’t be bothered to find someone else with gentle talented hands lol. I opted for a classic low pony, you can never go wrong with a slick ponytail.

Although I was all the way here for my birthday outfit my actual celebration wasn’t that great. More time was spent travelling than turning up…but I’m grateful for another year and my lovely friends/family.

Rhea xo


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