Chimichurri 2.0: Honest Burger Special

Another amazing special by Honest Burger.

What’s in it?

Beef, chorizo relish, red chimichurri, provolone cheese, malbec onions and shallot mayo


The Chimichurri 2.0 is a collaboration between Honest Burgers and Up in My Grill.

Flavoursome, textured just delicious! The different ingredients really complemented each other, I couldn’t get enough of the chimichurri. But still the gluten free buns are so small *eye roll*. I hope the Chimichurri 2.0 makes another appearance, it is definitely an improvement on the previous Chimichurri special.


The new Honest Burger special is the Christmas. I have had it before and I didn’t like it so I won’t be going out of my way to have it again. Although the Christmas has Christmassy ingredients I found it bland…it could do with a bit of stuffing imo. Stay tuned for another Honest Burger special review in the New Year :-).

Rhea xo


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