The Hangover : Honest Burger Special

Okay so I’m sure you’ve realised by now that I have a thing for Honest Burger. I LOVE HONEST BURGER. They’re like the only burger joint that really caters to those with gluten intolerance. You will be seeing more reviews about their food lol. Today it’s all about The Hangover special.

What’s in it?

Beef, smoked bacon, double American cheese, Hangover hash (hashbrown), fried egg, spinach, Bloody Mary ketchup and chipotle bacon gravy 


When I saw Honest Burger’s post for this one day only special, I was over excited to try it. Available only on New Year’s Day,  the Hangover was meant to be the ultimate brunch burger.

honest close
Gluten free bun is looking a LITTLE bit bigger lol

How was it?

For me personally it would’ve been better if they had used a pork sausage patty instead. I guess sticking to the beef patty made it more like a brunch burger opposed to a breakfast burger. I honestly expected more flavour, there was something missing. The addition of fried onions or mushrooms would’ve taken it to the next level. I was SO looking forward to tasting the hash but it had more of a chip consistency :-(. Overall it was decent. I’m glad I tried it but I wouldn’t be fussed if it didn’t make another appearance.

Next up is the Guacamole special which I’m sure I’ve tried before but I’ll try it again lol. I’d try nearly anything that has avocado as one of the ingredients!

Rhea xo




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