Gluten Free Korean Burger @ LEON Carnaby Street

LEON are currently trialling gluten free buns in some of their restaurants! I saw @myglutenfreeguide post the news on her Instagram story and I’m so glad that she did.

Before I started to follow a gluten free diet I’d often buy LEON’s Chicken Burger- it was my absolute fave. LEON actually offer a vast range of dishes for those that follow a gluten free diet but I can’t deny that I missed being able to eat their chicken burger. So it was amazing to hear that there was now a chance to enjoy their chicken burger on a gluten free bun.

I visited the LEON on Carnaby Street to try the Korean Chicken Burger on a gluten free bun (with LEON baked fries…yum). It was delicious! Honestly one of the best gluten free burgers I have ever had. The bun was soft and looked like it was the same size as the none gluten free buns. I hate it when companies make the gluten free portion smaller!

I hope LEON make the gluten free buns a permanent part of their menu. I dropped LEON an email to let them know how much I loved it. If you try their gluten free bun and you like it, please let them know.

Rhea xo


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